"supplements", "pharmaceutical"

Meat & Poultry Ingredients

A thin and transparent edible film that controls moisture loss, swelling, and cooked meat products looking and tasting fresh.

For use in cooked products such as: sliced meats, hot dogs, sausages (sausage patties) and pizza toppings.

Extracto de Especias/65-S
A dry antimicrobial powder containing active ingredients based on natural essential oils; garlic, cinnamon, cloves and rosemary, designed to extend the shelf-life of cooked meat products.

For use in premium range cooked meat products such as: sausages, hot dogs, patties, cooked ham.

A wide spectrum antimicrobial powder that slows down the growth of spoilage bacteria, as well as Listeria monoctyogenes. Inbac-ADL can be blended with meat ingredients or brine at any stage of production.

For use in ready-to-eat cooked meat and poulty products such as: hot dogs, sausages, deli meats, cooked ham.

Mantrocel HPMC E & K Grades
A thermal gel that holds glaze in place.