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Pharmaceutical & Supplements

Quality Coating Technology with Functional Results

  • Core sealing
  • Color coat base
  • Surface finishing
  • High gloss finish
  • Aqueous film coatings
  • Ingredient binding
  • Easily dispersible
  • Immediate, modified and enteric release

Proven Performers with Worldwide Acceptance

  • Crystalac®
  • Certified® Shellac Resins
    • Specialty Pharmaceutical Glazes
    • Organic Formulations
  • Certiseal® - Aqueous Pharmaceutical Glazes
  • Mantrocel HPMC - E Grades
  • MantroClear Premixes

The extensive pharmaceutical & supplement coating product line at Mantrose includes vegetable-based Zein and cellulosics for a complete selection of coating solutions. Each coating is proven to provide functional results such as core sealing, color coat base, high gloss finish and more.