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Film Coating

Our film coatings for tablets are cost effective without sacrificing quality.

Crystalac® Glazes

  • Custom formulated shellac based glazes
  • Crystalac® ORG - Custom formulated shellac glazes for organic use

Pharmaceutical Glaze

  • USP/NF and globally certified glazes

Certiseal® Aqueous Glazes

  • Aqueous shellac based glazes

Certiseal® FC 300A

  • Certiseal FC 300A can be used by itself or mixed with a conventional HPMC film coat solution. The benefits of the mixed system are: faster film build, improved gloss and a reduction of the overall coating cost.

Mantrocel HPMC

  • E-Grades

MantroClear 101

  • HPMC and plasticizer blend