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A Natural Acidulant for Multiple Food and Beverage Applications

Reducit sodium bisulfate is a versatile ingredient with unique properties that will enhance the quality and reduce production cost of different types of food and beverages.

Low tartness works well in non-citrus flavor systems such as chocolate, vanilla, peach, pear and tea flavors. Reducit’s acid flavor is released slowly masking the after taste of intense sweeteners. Processing advantages for energy & sports drinks, colas, flavored waters, teas and coffees.

Thermal processed products
Reducit extends shelf life and improves food safety by achieving a lower pH. It offers the ability to process products such as dressings, soups, sauces, dips, fillings, gravies, prepared meals, desserts and much more at lower temperatures. Reduces pH without a tart taste, so the true flavors come through.

Sodium Reduction
Reducit enhances the flavor of salt. Therefore, the salt content of a formula can be reduced, resulting in an overall reduction in sodium.

French fry & snack chips
Reducit decreases acrylamide content of products by
60%* with no impact on flavor.


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