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MantroShield Encapsulated Ingredients

MantroShield is a new line of food grade acids, manufactured using our proprietary encapsulated process for use in confectionery products to create a spectrum of sour flavor profiles – an immediate, high impact, punch or a smooth, sustained, sour sensation. MantroShield Products are specially coated to tackle the quality issues associated with adding acid to food, including: sugar inversion, hygroscopicity, moisture contact, and storage temperature. Unlike other coated acids on the market, MantroShield doesn’t add fat, won’t go rancid, stays blended with sanding sugar and has a significantly lower application rate. All of these benefits amount to a higher quality, better tasting confection with longer shelf life.

Features & Benefits:

• Suitable for fat-free applications
• Stable Formulation: Due to their proprietary formulation, MantroShield products are extremely stable
• Low Coating Weight: The coating weight of MantroShield products are approximately one-fifth or less of heavily coated products.
• Fast-releasing Acid Flavor: Due to the low coating weight, MantroShield products offer a guaranteed quick and clean acid flavor release.
• Reduced Usage Levels: As a result of the quicker acid flavor release, lower levels of acid are required to achieve the same performance of similar products.
• Label Friendly: For some confectionery products, no additions to the ingredient list may be required.