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Hard & Soft Sugar Shell Coatings

Anti-Stick Agents

Powdered Carnauba Wax
Natural, Kosher wax used as a polishing agent on hard and soft sugar shelled confections.

A paste product that helps to enhance gloss, decrease polishing time and reduce white spotting.

Excellent liquid polishing agent in finishing various hard and soft sugar-shell panned candies, creating a high gloss finish without causing white specs or color muting.


Protection Glazes

Certified® Confectioner's Glaze
Shellac based glazes that enhance and protect gloss.

Crystalac® and Sparkle Glow
Specially formulated shellac based glazes that provide brilliant shine with less tack.

Organic, low VOC and vegetable based types available.

Crystalac® One Step Polish
Easy to use and fast drying.