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Sun and Skin Care Applications


Poly-Soleil is a natural film former that is specially processed into a fine particulate powder. It meets the current water proofing and broad spectrum critical wavelength monograph. Poly-Soleil can be dissolved in alcohol and neutralized in water. It also provides a film which is non-sticky and resistant to rub-off.

Features & Benefits

  • Patent pending technology
  • Natural polymer from renewable resources
  • Provides 80 minute water resistance
  • Maintains active ingredients on skin
  • Allergen and GMO-free
  • Broad compatibility with current SPF actives and sunscreen formulations

When used in skin care products, Poly-Soleil forms a protective coating over the skin and provides strong hydrating, moisturizing, and water resistant properties. Products containing Poly-Soleil are non-tacky, spread easily, and leaves skin feeling natural and soft for long-lasting wear in lotions and creams.

Features & Benefits:

  • Moisturizing properties
  • Water resistance
  • Film forming
  • Non-sticky film (pleasant skin feel)
  • Easily applied